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What is Netwok App?

Valuable business connections are all around us. Netwok app uses close range geolocation to maximise the opportunity to discover, manage and pitch for new business collaborations or simply share ideas wherever you are.

Netwok for the Event Organiser

  • Increase interaction. At conferences and events, research shows that people generally only get to speak to around 40% of the people they intend to interact with.
  • Maximise networking. Business opportunities are not maximised. Netwok creates transparency displaying clearly what people do so participants can establish valuable connections otherwise missed out on.
  • Communication channel. A channel for organisers to communicate with the users attending through the ‘Events’ section. Attendees can be maintained up to date with the schedule, view photos from the event or in the future even keep up to date with the latest news.
  • Improved understanding. Working towards providing analytics regarding the profiles of people attending thus improving understanding of the characteristics of attendees as well as a means of increasing the efficiency for targeting future event attendees.

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